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About Us

Sydney Academy is a 100% owned, operated & accredited Australian academy.


  • Sydney Academy  is a Registered Training Orgnisation ID: 45155 NSW ML 000103057 specifically services the security and other associated industry services. Our practice is underpinned by an ethical commitment to support the quality of vocational education in Australia. We take this commitment very seriously.
  • Sydney Academy is a private provider of Vocational Educational & Training (VET). The VET system is based on an array of institutional and enterprise based organisations. Both commonwealth and state/territory governments are involved in policy development and delivery, with providers regulated through the Australian Quality Training Framework and the National Vocational Regulator Standards.
  • Sydney Academy is proud of its commitment to the local community, quality of training, the flexibility it provides to the learners and our strong working relationship with other training providers both locally and nationally.



  • At Sydney Academy we are committed to delivering you a training and assessment experience that is unmatched in Australia. We deliver courses which are both focused on providing VET practitioners with the competence to support registered training organisations in their compliance with the VET Quality Framework.
  • We have assembled some of the most experienced training designers and VET compliance experts in Australia that are committed to passing on their knowledge and skills to our students. These are nationally respected practitioners that continue to work in and contribute to the National Skills Framework.
  • We are committed to supporting you with the highest quality training and assessment resources and support services that is possible. We provide services on an individual level and encourage our students to engage in our professional community to build their personal network and industry profile. We will work with our students to develop their professional abilities and build their skill and knowledge inventory.



  • We set realistic entry requirements that enable students to build on their prior learning and industry experience.
  • We limit our enrolments in order to focus on the needs of our students and to maximise the interaction during learning and assessment.
  • We have developed technology based platforms to engage with and support our students. This helps build our community of practice.
  • We provide a flexible approach to the delivery of learning and assessment in order to remove barriers to progression and completion.

We are committed to delivering on a service that we have agreed to provide.

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