Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers on the ground & their reaction speed.
Juan Kirsten

Security Consultancy

Be Safe Better Than Being Sorry

Are you suffering from  financial loss due to the increase in crime and safety incidents at your property?

Sydney Academy Security Consultants are highly qualified and skilled in security, safety, investigation, crime prevention and counter terrorism.

Our Consultants have extensive experience in providing and managing facilities security contracts and products.

Our Consultants provides you with professional opinion that assist your business in Designing and Managing Security Contracts in;

  • Retail & shopping malls
  • Construction projects
  • Railway projects
  • Commercial & residential buildings
  • Government buildings and contracts
  • Events & crowd control
  • Crime prevention
  • Security awareness
  • Situational awareness
  • Counter terrorism

Due to the increased threat and attack of terrorism around the world, in mass gathering venues, including shopping centres, Sydney Academy’s highly qualified and specialised experts in counter terrorism & crime prevention liaise with architects, shopping centre manager’s, facilities managers, and several other specialised contacts working in a variety of industries to help them understand the threat of terrorism in today’s world and the risks that each site presents. Strategies, awareness, and training are all offered to avoid the potential for mass fatalities and casualties. Our professional experts will draw plans for counter terrorism measures to ensure the safety of people and emergency responses in case of an incident.
Sydney Academy provides workshops and consultancy on understanding risks and vulnerabilities, and on how to identify, assess, and manage various risks at their work place focusing on;

  • Risk analysis, understanding and identifying threats of all types including, fraud, loss, and terrorism;
  • Developing, implementing, maintaining and improving effective WHS management systems;
  • Ensuring your business conforms to the required WHS policies;


We will work with your company and staff to help them understand the threat of terrorism in today’s workplaces.