It is what you know about others that gives you the edge

Human Investigations Management

The course and the workshops are designed to enhancing individual's Deception Detection and Investigative Interviewing.

Sydney Academy is an ISIO [International Security Industry Organization Accredited Training center], as well as a Master in Mind Principle Preferred Partner that trains

HIM – Human Investigation Management - Deception Detection & Investigative Interviewing.

  • Security Professionals could handle life impacting and/or life & death situations
  • The critical core skills of a security professional is deception detection and investigative interviewing
  • For: Security Managers, Undercover Operatives, Hostage Negotiators, Security consultants, Close Protection Operatives and Security Officers
  • The Easiest and Most Effective method to Acquire the skill-set and Master the skill-craft


Course Features

  • Acquire mentality and attitude
  • Cultures and communication
  • Brain engineering: Physical reactions
  • Language: Using right questions, at the right time for the right reason
  • S.P.I. formula: Situation, Position & Implications
  • The Bluff
  • Putting it all together


Course Training Delivery


Training tool applies the knowledge to your reality

  • The e-connect course application manual is the skill-craft training tool that embeds
    the knowledge in order to foster human instinct.
  • Based on “Watch and Learn”,  “Do, Experience and Embed”
  • The e-connect training tool access is 1 year that can be renewed and is supported by updates.
  • Participate with like-minded professionals a themed workshop or Book your own in-house workshop.
  • The e-connect course application e-manual (self-tuition training tool) is included and provided at the workshop.
  • The Certification of attendance is only provided after the participant has gone through the 9 weeks cycle of the course tool.


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Online training with a Professional

  • Work through the HIM e-connect course application manual ( training tool)
    with a Certified Trainer over skype or google plus
  • Enquire Now for rate, student number and be assigned to your first trainer
  • Your certificate of attendance will be dispatched by MiM Head Office
    after completing the course cycle at least once,
    [Log is monitored by MiM and validated by the trainers] Duration: 9 weeks


Examination and Certification for CHIM

  • Repeat the course cycle three times and on the fourth time compile 3 of 2000 word
  • editorials
  • The learner must undergo 4 sessions cycle with one-to-one coaching with a Certified Trainer.
  • Examined by a HIM Certified Examiner and obtain acknowledgement of being certified for deception detection and investigative interviewing.


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