What is your biggest nightmare?
Do you know what is happining at your area of interest right now?

Risk Management

Risk Mitigation

What is your current  Situation,  your true Position and what are the Implications to the Decision you are intended to MAKE?


Sydney Academy Risk Management team is constantly working to ensure mitigating risk at the workplace. We understand it is your responsibility as an employer, a manager or a security & safety contractor, to take the right precautions to reduce the risks  of workplace dangers and provide a safe working environment.

Evaluate, Interview and  Investigate


  • Identify and qualify areas of risk.
  • Identify any gaps in the WHS Management System.
  • Risk monitoring and control.
  • Assess risk impact on clients; Business, Customers & Staff, Property and Equipment.
  • Recommend and implement solutions and countermeasures as required.

Sydney Academy studies and analyses threats of all types including terrorism threat utilise and share intelligence with local businesses, local police and other security and law enforcement agencies and provides emergency response team to its clients. In our provision of security services to our clients.

Sydney Academy assist you to achieve the following:

  • Develop, implement, maintain and improve an effective OH&S management system
  • Have assurance that it conforms with the required OH&S policies
  • Provide evidence of conformance to policies to interested stakeholders
  • Declare conformance with the standard or make a commitment to conform to its requirements

Counter Terrorism

Due to the increased threat and attack of terrorism around the world, in mass gathering venues, including shopping centres, Sydney Academy’s highly qualified and specialised managers in Counter Terrorism & Crime Prevention liaise with architects, shopping centre manager’s, facilities managers, and several other specialised contacts working in a variety of industries to help them understand the threat of terrorism in today’s world and the risks that each site presents. Strategies, awareness, and training are all offered to avoid the potential for mass fatalities and casualties. Our qualified managers will draw plans for counter terrorism measures to ensure the safety of people and emergency responses in case of an incident.

Crime Prevention

Sydney Academy Consultants liaise with Crime Prevention Officers, Police Intelligence Officers and other law enforcement departments in order to detect, identify and deter any possible threat to our Clients’, their properties, employees and customers.

Dedicated Risk Consultant

Sydney Academy Risk Consultants are dedicated to assist clients with all risk management requirements.

Risk Consultants shall:

  • Review and completion of all Public liability incidents within the frame of 24 Hours from the occurrence of incident;
  • Assure all clients policies and procedures are adhered to onsite policies and procedures;
  • Report any misbehaviour or breeches to its client’s higher management;
  • Audit and review accordingly all inspection, reports, surveys, complaints, information (internal or external), daily logs and performance reviews on respective due time;
  • Assure all Supervisors are knowledgeable of site and safety procedures;
  • Assure correct induction process of all related to the site;
  • Complete and maintain WHS standards on the specific site;
  • Assure completion and currency of its clients JSAP’s, SWMS, Risk assessments, policies and plans;
  • Liaison with its client’s Site Manager in relation to productivity and daily activity;
  • Report directly to higher management if a breech is present in WHS standards;
  • Assure correct reporting inductions are completed on staff personal at the client’s site;
  • Complete monthly review of all reported complex issues which pose a safety impact;
  • Investigate all incident report occurrence and apply precautionary measures and plans to help assist hazard identification.