Facilities Mobile Manager

Are You Receiving the Services You Are Paying for, By the Contractors You hire, at The Time and Location of your project?

The Facilities Mobile Manager Apps helps you knowing what is going on right now at your projects locations wherever you are and at any time you want.

Sydney Academy develops online software and smart devices apps that assist Facilities Managers and Security Manager in knowing what is happening right now at their properties, providing live data and charts, staff locations, inspections times and frequency, notifications of missed inspected sections, hot spots identifications and many other features.

 Mobile Staff Manager is a mobile virtual manager which is available on App and Play Stores, The App functions;

  • Staff signing in and out
  • Who is currently working and at which site
  • Location of the currently working staff
  • Inspected areas within the facility
  • Reports of missed inspected areas within the specific looping time
  • Alerts & Notifications


Online Management Portal system provides clients with;

  • Tools to Track incidents, risk management reports and analysis, and full insight of daily operations.
  • Predictable analysis based on data comparisons
  • Friendly online access from any mobile device with an internet browser.
  • Tool to assists property managers to plan ahead the property operations and needs.
  • Tools to reduce the operations costs of the cleaning and security services of the property.

 Call us to arrange a convenient time that suits your schedule. Our solutions include predictable and comparison analysis of events and activities, incidents tracking systems, live charts and many more Read my other posts for more information